Continuous Discovery Habits

Teresa Torres
December 1st, 2021

This book has been a greate discovery for me because it focuses on the previous moment of developing a product: the discovery.

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A lot of teams inside tech companies are feature teams. It means they are focused on delivering features but they don't take care on why they have to develop whatever feature. When they then measure the impact of each feature, they discover their users don't use the feature. The company is firing money.

This books ilustrates:

  • the ways a team can discover the features or functionalties to be developed
  • the role of the Product Trio (Product Manager, Designer and Developer)
  • the habit of interviewing customers
  • to focus on outcomes (ie: MRR, ARR, CAC) over outputs (features)
  • the habit of testing assumptions and not ideas

You can find two greate resumes here:

I suggest every member of a development team should read this books. For my is a 6 stars over 5 book.